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Barbora Ujfaluši

Senior Practice Support Coordinator (Real Estate & Corporate)

"What I like most about my job is the variety of tasks that come my way and the team of people I work with. "

I joined the firm in March 2017 as an administrative assistant in the real estate practice where I was responsible for supporting approximately four lawyers. I took maternity leave in November 2017 but returned to the firm in April 2018 as an evening assistant for a few hours a week. 

Gradually picking up more shifts, so I wouldn't get into the proverbial "housewife's rut", I started coming in earlier in the afternoon to help out in the real estate practice until it became a part-time job in November 2020. I now work as a Senior Practice Support Coordinator and I am responsible for a team of coordinators in the real estate and corporate practices. Prior to joining Clifford Chance, I worked as an administrative assistant for a notary's office in Prague, which I joined after successfully completing my bachelor's degree at Jan Amos Komenský University where I studied Social and Media Communication. 

The work 

At Clifford chance, I enjoy the variety of tasks that come my way, and the team of people I work and interact with every day definitely plays a big role. Even after all the years I have been working at Clifford Chance I can't say that I find the job stereotypical, it's quite the opposite. 

I applied for a role with Clifford Chance as I wanted and needed a change, and working at Clifford Chance has fulfilled these expectations. A former colleague I had worked with in a previous job was already working at the firm, so I knew what the position entailed and what to expect. I definitely consider the possibility of working from home to be a major benefit, which I can and do use when the nursery school is closed or when my son is sick and I have to stay home with him. 

Culture and environment 

For me, the culture and atmosphere at Clifford Chance is very open – no one looks down their nose at the others, all individuals are treated with respect and honesty, and we all are willing to help each other. The firm organises various team activities, whether it's sports days where we can enjoy time together playing different games, or office drinks once a month where we can meet people across the firm that we don't meet every day and can talk about topics other than work. 

Learning and key skills 

The key skills I have gained in my job are first and foremost working with people and overall team leadership. It is important for me to have happy colleagues around me. I have definitely improved my organisational skills and have learnt how to organise my work so that I can also give my full attention to my son. 

The team 

What I value most about the people at work is their approach to work. Each person is original and is good at something different; this needs to be taken into account and used within the team to help people feel better together when working in the team.

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