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Daniel Ng


I remember being daunted by the firm’s application form (it was slightly long!). When I did start the process I really enjoyed it because I was able to show different facets of who I am.

More importantly, it showed that the firm was interested in getting to know me beyond my academic transcript. The firm wanted to explore my way of thinking, how I consider commercial matters, what I thought about the future of law, and other deeper issues, enabling me to show more of myself. The interviewers were very welcoming, and interested in me as a candidate and as a person which made the overall process more interesting and fun. 

I have noticed since training here that my peers and colleagues have a very strong stance on promoting the firm’s values which is remarkable. There is a huge culture of care and collaboration – everyone is driven, responsible and takes ownership of what they are doing. It is a great feeling to be challenged yet well supported – Clifford Chance creates such an environment! 

I have been very involved in pro bono work for quite a while even before law school, in particular youth mentorship. I’m glad that I have had opportunities to work on pro bono cases with lawyers that truly care and go the extra mile for pro bono clients, as we do for our commercial clients. 


My advice 

It’s very important to think through the WHY behind the WHAT. Why law? Why practise? Practising law is tough and if your WHY is not strong enough then it will be difficult to push through and have the stamina to work long hours. Also, be your authentic self.

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