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An opportunity to grow

We will give you the opportunity to build a depth of understanding and confidence in your career that will help you to work across cultures and succeed within the wider business environment. Joining us will mean that you are working alongside colleagues who are leaders in their field. You’ll learn from established experts whilst working in a stimulating and challenging commercial environment. One where your unique talents can be developed and make a real impact.

In addition, you will have exceptional opportunities to develop and broaden your skills through individually tailored in-house training and development programmes provided by the firm’s Academy. Our continued investment in our team members to help them reach their full potential is a key part of our global strategy aimed at developing talent and driving continuous innovation for our clients. We want to be at the forefront of the emerging elite group of international law firms.

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At Clifford Chance, you'll be part of an inclusive, collaborative and high-performing culture. We have well-defined and integrated talent management practices that focus on your development and growth right from the time that you join us. There are several career advancement opportunities offered through internal job postings and secondments. We facilitate various learning and skill-development interventions throughout your career journey in the form of behavioural and technical training, management development and education assistance programmes.

Global exposure

International secondments-many of our colleagues have had the opportunity to spend time on secondment at one of our international offices. 

Secondments allow you to gain valuable experience and share your working life with overseas colleagues, thereby deepening relationships and strengthening bonds. Secondments to different Clifford Chance offices can help in broadening your skills and experience through international exposure and provide an opportunity to work with senior stakeholders. Secondees get a chance to work on different global projects, grasp new skillsets and transfer their knowledge to the local teams, building global process ownership.

Training & Development 

Ongoing training and development is woven into our culture, and everyone here is encouraged to take responsibility for their own individual development. We drive and sustain a learning culture by offering various world-class internal and external training programmes, enhancing and empowering the knowledge, skills and abilities of our employees. Read more about our experiential training programmes, structured professional development and on-the-job learning opportunities. 

Induction Programme 

The Induction Programme helps you to understand the firm and our work better. It also reinforces our firm's culture and career development opportunities. We have an extensive online onboarding portal to help you acclimatise to the firm as soon as you decide to join us. 

Professional Development Programmes 

Our Professional Development Programmes help to prepare potential leaders early in their career by providing the core skills needed to effectively manage people and projects. We have a tie-up with the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad to develop future leaders. Several other management and leadership development programmes are regularly facilitated to help you develop leadership skills that are essential for your success and growth.

Clifford Chance Academy

The Academy provides integrated training and continuous professional education to support you throughout your career. The Academy delivers technical and business skills training to everyone in the firm, in person and online. We emphasise continuous professional development at every stage of your career, so training is available to all. The training and mentoring you will receive ensures that you are up-to-date with domain expertise and enables you to develop business skills in areas such as Client Focus and Marketing, Innovation & Best Delivery, Leadership Community & Collaboration and Strategy and Commercial Insight. Along with technical and behavioural skills, we also have a Tech Academy team to help you keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of technology.

Tech Academy

The Tech Academy provides our people with online training and resources, as well as a global programme of face-to-face workshops, ensuring we remain on top of the latest technology trends and issues our clients are facing. The portal houses a range of online training programmes and webinars, short summaries of key technologies and trends, a glossary of useful terms and links to other resources. In addition to the online courses, there are full-day training courses that have been held around the world on a range of topics, from e-commerce to artificial intelligence, block-chain, data privacy and cyber-security.

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Reward and recognition 

The firm provides each individual with the framework and tools to take charge of their own development. Aside from the Academy offering, there is significant on-the-job learning, no matter what your role will be, and we expect our employees to continue to embrace learning and knowledge with a curious and open attitude. We have cross-office mentorship programmes and regular appraisals which act as mileposts, enabling you to check in with your manager to review your progress. Internal mobility is actively encouraged and many people at the firm have moved between teams and offices. We also have several interventions throughout the year to enable you to realise your full potential and deliver high performance.

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