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We're proud of our approachable, friendly and team-based way of working. Highly professional and self-assured, with an entrepreneurial streak, our people are more than happy to share their expertise and knowledge. We understand that our true asset is our people. We believe that each and every one of us should experience an equality of opportunity and an equality of experience here. Whatever your area of expertise, you will find a range of career opportunities at Clifford Chance. And wherever you’re heading, Clifford Chance is where you can be true to your ambitions. Clifford Chance is the place where the brightest minds and the best of colleagues meet, find out more about our global network of colleagues below.

Mrinal Agarwal

Associate Director, Business & Research Solutions 

"I work with colleagues across the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia offices. Despite our differences, we are united as part of a community that Clifford Chance is and that reflects in our work. "

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Salma Firoza Khanam

Digital Marketing Specialist

"I have first-hand experienced values such as integrity, responsibility, inclusivity, embracing challenge, and speaking up in my interactions with stakeholders in and outside India."

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Saqib Sayad

Manager - Partnership Services

"What helped me succeed in each of my projects are the training opportunities I was provided, equipping me with foundational knowledge required to succeed."

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