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There are many ways for you to interact with us, experience our culture and learn from the broad range of resources we have made available to you. We're always ready to hear from you to give you the guidance and information you need to take your next steps along the journey. 

Our events  are designed to give you access to the resources you need to upskill, engage and learn. We invest in creating a broad range of informative events which are available to everyone interested in a career with us. You can join us in person or virtually and we regularly upload recordings from key events so you can even catch up on sessions you've missed.  

No matter where you are in your career, you will have access to a mix of panels, skills sessions, interactive events and global legal professionals. All of which will equip you with the skills, knowledge and networks to succeed. To really get under the skin of our culture, we would also encourage you to follow us on all of our social media channels:

Our team

Toby Horner (he/him)

Early Talent Acquisition Manager, London

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Rachel Plume (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Specialist, London

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Zoe Jenkins (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist, London

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Chloe Hatchett Sparkes (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Specialist, London

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Mia Pollock (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Coordinator, London

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Tiana Locker (she/her)

Talent Acquisition Specialist, London

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Megan Rosendale (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Advisor, London

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Cherell Muken (she/her)

Early Talent Acquisition Specialist, London

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