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Ryan Siu


After completing my LLB and PCLL, I was not quite sure what kind of lawyer I wanted to be, so I chose a firm that would allow me to explore and have a varied experience.

With Clifford Chance’s broad range of practice areas, many of which are ranked Tier 1, I knew this would be the best platform for me to start my career. 


There is a great consistency in my training: the level of supervision and trust my seniors have given me, the constant feedback on all tasks (no matter how big or small) and the knowledge that people here have and are willing to share! As a first seater, I had a lot to learn, not just the technical legal skills, but also things like adjusting to work life, the firm’s culture and the day-to-day tasks of a junior lawyer. The firm’s induction and the amount of attention and care given during this process is second to none, enabling me and my fellow trainees to really find our feet and have the best possible foundation for our training. 


The work throughout my training has been complex and challenging at times and I am constantly surprised by the learning curve I have achieved over the past two years. The programme here doesn’t just give you the technical training, it also builds your confidence and wider skillset so you can become a commercially minded legal advisor. 


My advice 

Invest time in improving your commerciality by following global news and trends. Ultimately, we are business advisors as well as legal professionals and it’s important that you have a good business grounding in addition to your legal education.

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