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Our award-winning virtual work experience opportunities have been designed to support your ambitions and give you access to a broad range of in-depth materials to help you decide if a career in law is for you. They will give you the exposure you need to understand what being a lawyer is like and allow you to experience, first-hand, the responsibilities that come with the role. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional learning resources and opportunities, designed by our experts, to support your learning and development as you grow into the next generation of world-class lawyers and, so far, we have had 140,000 sign-ups! Start your journey with us now and get ready to learn from the best.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is a complex, rapidly-changing and multi-national challenge. Clifford Chance is working with some of the world's leading corporates to help them to better protect their business activities, mitigate cyber security risk and respond quickly in the event of a breach.


Climate Change

Climate change is becoming a major business risk, and the consequences of inaction for businesses are severe.


Business & Human Rights 

More and more, businesses are being held to account for their responsibility for conducting business responsibly and upholding human rights.


Sustainable Finance 

The focus of financial markets regulators and central banks is increasingly falling on the green economy and in particular the resilience of the financial system to climate-related risks.


Structured, Asset Backed and Real Estate finance (SABRE)

SABRE stands for Structured Asset Backed Real Estate and is part of our Global Financial Markets practice. Within the SABRE team there are broadly three areas of focus: Real Estate Finance; Structured Debt; and Loan portfolios


Risk and Resilience – a Swiss Re and Clifford Chance Collaboration

Swiss Re is a leading company in the insurance and reinsurance industry. Swiss Re insures, invests, operates and shares knowledge in a way that tackles sustainability challenges and creates long-term value. 


Community & Pro Bono 

The Clifford Chance global pro bono & community strategy focuses on contributing towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We harness the skills and expertise of our people to deliver positive and sustainable contributions towards the achievement of the SDGs.


Frequently asked questions


Our Global Virtual Internships will give you the skills you need to take that next big step in your career. Over 150,000 people have registered for our award-winning free internships. With over 30 tasks and 60 hours of modular content, they represent the future of virtual work-experience and progress towards breaking down barriers to the profession and creating meaningful learning opportunities for all.

The content has been created by leading experts from across our global network. It will not only expose you to international work in a way that has never been done before, but also enable you to develop the analytical abilities that will turn you into a leading lawyer of tomorrow.

1. A virtual internship can provide many advantages, such as the chance to:
2. Learn about the diverse and exciting career options available to you; and
3. Build the competencies and self-assurance needed to move from academic to professional settings.

A virtual internship is a unique, chance to explore a career with a leading company. The key distinctions are:
• Virtual internships are universally accessible to all students, eliminating the need for application processes.
• They provide a mistake-free learning environment, removing any associated pressure; and
• They are entirely digital, offering the flexibility to be completed at your convenience, from any location worldwide.

While completion of a virtual internship does not guarantee a job offer, it does provide a significant advantage in understanding the company and the essential skills for a successful start. Your participation in a virtual internship may be viewed positively by employers during the job application process.

Absolutely! Virtual internships are designed to be inclusive and are available to all, including international students, irrespective of visa or work status.

Virtual internships are unpaid experiences that aim to replicate real company tasks and scenarios. Although you won't be working for the company directly, the skills and confidence you gain will be invaluable for your future career.

Certainly! Upon completion of a virtual internship, you are encouraged to add this experience to your CV/Resume.

Yes, we encourage you to! You can add your completed virtual internship to your LinkedIn profile.

Of course! Our virtual internships are open to everyone, regardless of student status.

Our virtual internships are online, providing you with the opportunity to do an internship anywhere in the world with the click of a mouse, and gain knowledge from our global experts!

For in-person opportunities across our offices – check out our open roles.

Whether you're a first year student, final year student or a recent graduate, our free virtual iInternships are available for your perusal! Topics include: Climate Change, Cyber Security, Business and Human Rights, Sustainable Finance, Antitrust and Sturctured, Asset Backed and Real estate Finance

Completing a virtual internship and sharing the exciting news on your LinkedIn account and your CV is a great way to show your enaggement with us and interst in Clifford Chance!

Mentioning your enagement with Clifford Chance is great in applications. Our Global Virtual Internships provide opportunities to learn about us and showcase your interest, and we welcome you to include your experience!

The internship content is available 24/7, and you can complete within your own time, at your own pace!

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