Natasha Kim

Looking back on my training contract journey, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have experienced life as a junior lawyer in four different practice areas.

I learnt so much throughout my rotations across the Asset Finance, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Derivatives & Structured Products, and Funds & Investment Management departments. I especially enjoyed my secondment to our Finance 50H team in London, as everyone was super warm and welcoming. All the teams I worked with have been nurturing and friendly, and many of the seniors I looked up to as a trainee have now become my good friends today.

Deciding which practice area to qualify into was a difficult decision. Thankfully, my supervisors and partners took the time to share their stories and what I could expect from a career in their teams.

Their guidance, along with my experiences in each seat, allowed me to make an informed decision on my qualification choice.

Ultimately, I decided to qualify as an associate with our Funds & Investment Management team as I felt that the practice area combined what I loved most about each of my trainee seats. Becoming an associate was daunting and exciting at the same time. The quality of the Clifford Chance training programme, as well as the skills trainees pick up along the way, truly prepares us for the transition from trainee to associate. My team was also great in encouraging me each step of the way. During the lockdown, we had weekly team catch-ups to check in on one another and organised virtual team events. This supportive and collegial spirit is one of my favourite things about Clifford Chance, and it is empowering to know that you are part of a world-class team who will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop your career.

My advice

Be kind to yourself. We tend to be our own biggest critics at times, but with just a little self-confidence, positivity and an open mind, you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

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